Cher Norville

Cher has been an artist throughout her life. She received a Bachelor's Degree at Northern Arizona University in Fine Arts and then went on to produce catalogs while art directing photo shoots in New York and Dallas. She continued in the graphic design field and then went on to teach Art at Saint Mary's High School in Phoenix, AZ. She was inspired by an artist and her family to paint. Cher’s trips to Africa and Canada left a life long impression. She captured, on film, the beauty of the innocent wildlife that roamed the bush throughout Kenya and Tanzania in Africa and along the tundra in Churchill Manitoba, Canada. The images were so striking that they seemed to ask her to paint them. Now, she explores the possibilities to paint the wildlife and beauty of Northern Arizona as her poor health led her to Sedona from Tempe, Arizona.

Cher now prints for over 100 local artists throughout Arizona.

Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts
30 Years experience:
Art Direction
• Illustration
Product Design
Catalog Design & Production
Corporate Identity
• Photo Manipulation
• Photo Retouch
• T-Shirt Design
• Web Design
• Interactive CD Design
• Photography
• High School Teacher

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