Miles Gallegos

Miles Gallegos started his art career during his freshmen year at Saint Mary’s High School. He took his first art class because his Mother was the teacher. He discovered his own talent and continued taking art classes through his senior year and was awarded the “FineArts Award” for his final year. Miles paintsin oils and acrylic and continues to draw while attending college.

Miles' Art:

Joker, Miles Gallegos Oil Painting
"Joker" $250
16x20" Oil Painting

Marley, Miles Gallegos
"Bob Collage"$150
16x20" Acrylic Painting

Devo, Miles Gallegos Painting
"Devo" $150
16x20" Acrylic Painting

Bibby Feud, Miles Gallegos Drawing
"Gibby Feud"
8x10" Pencil Drawing

Hang Over, Miles Gallegos
"Hang Over" $95
1.5x11" Pencil Drawin

Kick Ass, Miles Gallegos
"Jack Ass"
8x10" Pencil Drawing

Bob Marley, Miles Gallegos"Marley" $95
8x10" Pencil

Miles Davis, Miles Gallegos
"Miles Davis"
8x10" Pencil Drawing

Sister, Miles Gallegos
"Sister" $95
Pencil Drawing

Waka Flocka, Miles Gallegos
"Waka Flocka" $105
Pencil Drawing

Prints Available:

5x7" Print Matted to fit 8x10" frame................$12
8x10" Print Matted to fit 11x14" frame.............$35

Gicleé Prints of Paintings on Stretched Canvas 16x20"...............$60