Reena Guzman Maturan

Reena Norville's Bio:

Reena Norville grew up in a family of artists and couldn’t help but inherit the talent. She grew up making jewelry, drawing, making clay structures, painting and continued taking an art class in college. Now, she is experiencing metal art through her job as a construction engineer. She is currently experimenting with different metals to create beautiful, shiny art.

Reena's Photography:

Butterfly 4

Reena's Jewelry:

Turquoise NecklaseSOLD

Reena's Art:

Point a Lizzard, Reena Guzman
A Lizard"
7x15" Ink on Paper

Ray, Reena Guzman
"Ray" 8x8" Pencil

Bike, Reena Guzman
• 18x24"
Pencil & Chalk

Bricks, Reena Guzman
18x20" Pencil & Chalk

Monochromatic, Reena Guzman
• Acrylic

Wyatt, Reena Guzman
"Wyatt Name Plate" • Copper & Polymer Clay


Pup, Reena Guzman
"Pup" • 9x12" Watercolor

Ying Yang, Reena Guzman
"Ying Yang"
18x24" Pencil & Chalk

Nice Ride, Reena Guzman

12x24" Pencil & Chalk

Prints Available:

5x7" Print Matted to fit 8x10" frame................$12
8x10" Print Matted to fit 11x14" frame.............$35